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Sweeney Creative. Energizing Brands with 
Advertising, Branding, Publicity in the digital age.

Sweeney Creative is a full-service Advertising, Branding and Publicity company with a track record of successfully creating and building national and regional brands. We have created grown many new products into billion dollar national brands. We are a Certified marketing Consultant for Houzz.
Our focus is on brand success. Immediate and long term. 
Case studies demonstrate our brand performance in the marketplace. 
Case studies demonstrate our brand performance in the marketplace. 
We are a true business partner, known for our ability to create and launch successful brands and package goods.
The experience of re-branding to bring energy and vitality to viable but under performing brands and services.
Publicity that builds brand awareness in the digital age is one of our strong services.
Focus Groups for in depth brand attitudes and awareness.
Our growth is supported by four key elements of success: 
• Treat clients with respect.
• Always bring relevant plans and creative to brands.
Be cost effective in everything we do.
On time, and in budget.

Energizing Brands with fresh, relevant, advertising, branding, and publicity in TV, radio, print, digital outdoor, websites, and 
package design.

Sweeney Creative specializes in: 
Food Products,  Vision Care, Technology, Marine Industry, Appliances, Hospitality, Healthcare and Sports Medicine. Outdoor Products, Home Products, Beauty, Home Builders, Financial, Home Furnishings, Real Estate, Shipping, Sports, Sports Teams, Transportation, Wealth Management.

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