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Sweeney Creative's work has the vitality and passion that is relevant to talk to today's consumers. We give your brand the awareness to be “Seen and Noted” and memorable.


Sweeney Creative creates and builds successful brands for the marketplace. Our track record is varied and extensive; Appliances, Beauty Products, Craft Beer, Financial, Food Products, Healthcare, Hospitality, Home Products, Home Builders/Developers, Outdoor Products,  technology.


We have National brand experience creating for all media; TV, Radio, Package Design, Branding, Digital Outdoor, Websites, Videos, Print,  Trade Shows, Logos, Direct Mail.

What is Branding?

•  Your brand is your signature and personality.

•  Your brand is not just your logo.

•  Your brand must be unique.

•  Your brand should have distinctive colors.

•  Your brand should be energetic and able to grow.

•  Your brand needs to communicate quickly.

         Today's, attention  span is 5 seconds!

•  Your brand should have very short memorable

        "positioning statement" that tells the world what you are!

         (Not a company mission statement.)


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